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Class 2 skeleton with a half class 2 dental relation; used to compensate on jaw, leading to TMJ issues; add to that a slight overjet and an open bite, just enough for not being able to chew correctly. Had issues with tinnitus, dizziness, stiff neck, jaw cracks and occasional vertigo at the end of the day, which was sorted by the splint therapy.
Going for the MEAW braces approach.

August 2013: started the splint therapy to allow my jaws to find a comfortable and relaxed position.
11 September 2014: removal of remaining wisdom teeth.
15 January 2015: top brackets put on, with a very thin wire and two spring coils on the back to move the second molars backward. Love them so far, except for flossing. No pain except soreness, but noticed some move on the third day already.